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Envio24 is an online platform through which you can order domestic and international shipment services as well as monitor and control the handling of the Orders.

Envio24 allows you to place orders for the transport of parcels and pallets, both between individuals and companies, including between online stores and their clients. The courier service is carried out by the selected Courier Company.

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No, Envio24 is not a courier company. Envio24 is only an internet platform through which the Service Provider provides courier broker services and is intermediary between Courier Companies and their clients.

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For services ordered through Envio24, you have to pay only through a Prepaid account. You can top up your Prepaid account with the required amount at the time of placing an Order or any amount at any time for future use. The Prepaid account can be topped up via payment channels made available on Envio24, including: credit / debit card payment, Multibanco or Pay Pal. Your order can not be processed without prepayment / payment.

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Unfortunately, this is not possible because Envio24 is bound by contracts to directly settle payments with Courier Companies.

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Unfortunately, this is not possible. All orders must be placed online, via the Order form.

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The condition for using the services available through Envio24 is to register as a User.

To become a User, you must undergo the registration process, consisting in providing your e-mail address and setting the password. After confirming the registration, you need to provide your details, such as your name, address and other information necessary for the correct use of Envio24 services. The User's Personal Data is secured and processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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The User Account is a set of functions that helps the User manage his activity at Envio24, available through the User Activity and User Account panels. The detailed scope of the functions is as follows:

  • User Activity
Summary - summary of current activity and statistics
Ready to ship - management of orders ready for payment and delivery
In progress - management of orders that have been paid for and are in delivery
Completed - management of completed orders, i.e. effectively delivered to the recipient
Address book - address book, created and edited by the User
Templates - templates of shipments created and edited by the User
Import - functions for importing data from other programs and services
  • User Account
Invoices - a list of invoices issued for each top-up of the Prepaid account
Balance - management of the Prepaid account as well as the list of the User's financial operations in connection with his activity on Envio24
Notifications - a panel to manage the scope and type of notifications received by the User in connection with his activity on Envio24
Program - a panel to manage affiliate and loyalty programs offered by Envio24
Settings - a panel to manage the User data, necessary to use Envio24

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To delete a User Account, use the Delete Account button, available in the Settings panel in the User Account, and follow the instructions. Please note that deleting an account will irretrievably lose all data collected on the User's Account. The condition for removing the account is to settle all liabilities of the User towards Envio24.

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To send a shipment via Envio24, you must place an Order by completing the order form step by step.

In the Order form (SEND SHIPMENT) on Envio24, enter the dimensions and weight, providing exact details to avoid problems with the execution of the Order, including surcharges. Then provide additional details, such as the shape, type of packaging, value and contents.

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The address of the sender and recipient should be entered in the Order form. However, it is important that the address data should be entered in such a way as to be a valid postal address. In particular, it is necessary to enter the street name, house and apartment number, postal code and city. The correctness of the entered postal code is verified through a special application. It is also very helpful to provide the e-mail and the phone number of the sender and recipient, which helps the courier to contact with them. You should pay special attention if your Browser has autocomplete function enabled. This can cause errors in the addresses you enter.

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After entering the shipment details and addresses of the sender and the recipient, our system will automatically calculate the prices proposed by individual Courier Companies for the execution of this Order.
For some services, the Courier Companies use so-called the volumetric weight resulting from the regulation of transport standards applicable in the world. Highest weight is always taken to determine the final price.
For a shipment weighing 15 kg and dimensions 40x50x70, the volumetric weight of such a shipment, calculated according to the current formula eg. in Chronopost, UPS or TNT, is: (40x50x70) / 5000 = 28 kg. Therefore, the weight of 28 kg will be calculated in the price, not the real weight of 15 kg. For this reason, although the real weight of the shipment can not exceed 30kg, the "price weight" can be up to 58kg.
The given prices are gross and include VAT (if it is needed in accordance with applicable regulations). This is the total price for the transport service of a shipment with given parameters between the given points of pick-up and delivery. The prices difference depends on delivery time, procedures and mode of operation of individual Courier Companies. The given prices are not negotiable and you should choose the Courier Company that meets the expectations of the User regarding the price, delivery time, packing and preparation requirements as well as the method of transport and delivery. Detailed conditions for the execution of orders are given in the descriptions of each service (Services).

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After selecting the Courier Company, you will be asked to make a payment for the Order. The order must be paid through a Prepaid account. The order can be paid later. Such prepared and ready to ship Order is visible in the Activity Panel, in the "Ready to ship" tab. The price given there is the binding price only for the date of placing the Order. Each time the User wants to make a payment, the price will be updated. Remember - prices presented on Envio24 are valid at the time of placing the Order. Subsequent payment of orders does not guarantee the same prices!

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The shipment should be packed in accordance with the requirements of the Courier Company. The standard type of packaging is a carton secured with adhesive tape. Items in the carton should be secured against free movement during transport. A commonly used fillings, protecting against damage and move of items, are bubble wrap, foamed polystyrene elements or formed paper.
In the e-mail confirming the acceptance of the Order for execution, we attach relevant transport documents, usually a waybill and / or a label. Sometimes these documents are delivered by courier, which we will inform you in the email. These documents should be printed and attached to the package. The  packed shipment with the transport documents should be handed over to the courier.

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Information on the current status of the shipment is available in the Activity Panel. The shipment can be tracked at any moment through the shipment tracking system, available on the Courier Company website.

The status of the shipment is constantly monitored by Envio24 and the information are shown in the Activity Panel in the "In progress" tab.

  • Payment in progress - means that you have chosen Multibanco payment and User has 4 hours to complete the payment. After this time the order will be moved back to the "Ready to ship" tab.
  • Waiting for courier - means that the order has been properly placed and paid and the shipment is waiting for the courier to pick up it.
  • In transit - means that the shipment was picked up by the courier and is being transported to the recipient.
  • Delivered - means that it was a shipment with the C.O.D. service, which was delivered to the recipient and is in the period in which the C.O.D. settlement is ongoing.
  • Returned to the depot - means that after the last unsuccessful attempt to deliver to the recipient, the shipment was sent back to the depot or pickup point of the Courier Company and is waiting for further decision or personal collection.
  • Return - means that the shipment is in the return transport to the sender.
  • Error - means an unforeseen problem with the execution of the order and requires contact with the Courier Company.

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From the moment the courier picks up the parcel ("in transit" status), the execution of the order can be tracked by the tracking system, offered by Courier Company who handle the order. To go to the tracking system, use the "Track shipment" button in the "In progress" tab.

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Each Courier Company cooperating with Envio24 has a separate way of providing services. In order to be familiarized in detail with the way the Courier Company operates, it is necessary to read the Regulations of this Courier Company and read the information about their Services, provided on Envio24.

The decision on telephone contact is made by the courier, but he has no obligation to do so. However, he rather should contact you in an exceptional situation, for example, when he will not be able to reach the address indicated on the waybill. In general, couriers do not phone to announce their visit or set the time of the meeting. Because it often means spending the whole day (and sometimes two) at home while waiting for a courier, you can try to contact the courier yourself. For the Order, which is in progress, it is possible to display courier's phone number, who operate in particular region, if it is in our database.
Note: The given contacts to couriers operating in particular regions were given by users based on their contacts during the execution of the Orders and there is no guarantee that the number is still valid or correct. We try to verify these entries on an ongoing basis so most of them should be up to date.

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Each Courier Company has its own regulations in this matter. Generally, in the case of shipments up to 30 kg, the delivery is carried out to the recipient's door.

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In general, another attempt to deliver is made the next business day after the first unsuccessful attempt. Most Courier Companies offer two free delivery attempts. Some only one or the second attempt is payable. After the last unsuccessful attempt, the shipment is stored for personal collection in the depot or pickup point of the Courier Company, nearest to the delivery address. Detailed procedures of personal collection after unsuccessful attempts of delivery are regulated by the relevant Courier Companies Regulations.

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The storage time depends on the selected Courier Company but in general shipments are stored from 5 to 14 days. After this time, they are returned to the sender and the sender is the one who pays for return shipment.

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The shipment should be collected personally by the person indicated as the recipient of the shipment. In some cases, it is allowed to collect the parcel by the household member or another person indicated by the recipient.

Each Courier Company has different working hours but generally deliveries are between 9:00 and 18:00. This applies to standard services. In the case of special services, delivery times may be specified more precisely as part of the Order.

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When the shipment has visible signs of damage, refuse to collect the shipment due to damage in transit and ensure that the courier has recorded this fact in the receiving documentation. At the same time, we suggest that you submit a complaint to the Courier Company as soon as possible, following the complaint procedure described in the Courier Company Regulations.

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If the shipment does not have visible damage, the courier does not have such an obligation. However, in the case of damage of the goods as a result of transport, the recipient has the opportunity to submit a complaint directly to the Courier Company.

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The recipient should immediately report this fact to the Courier Company that has handled the order and follow the procedures provided by this company for such a circumstance. In such cases, Envio24 is not a party to the proceedings.

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Complaints about transport services should be submitted directly to the Courier Company, following the complaint procedure described in the Regulations of this company or its website.

The method of filing complaints and the necessary documents depend on the Courier Company that executed the Order. Detailed complaint procedures and deadlines are available on the Courier Companies' websites.

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Complaints on transport services may apply to all incidents affecting the execution of the Order contrary to the conditions provided by the Courier Company or the lack of execution of the Order. In particular, the complaint may relate to damage and loss of the goods, loss of shipment, delay in pickup or delivery of the shipment and additional fees charged.

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Complaints about the operation of the Envio24 website may refer to the functioning of the User Account, the ordering process, payment processing and all other matters related only to the invalid functioning of Envio24, except incidents that affected the proper execution of the Order by the Courier Company. To file a complaint about the Envio24 website, use the complaint form HERE.

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Each Courier Company has its own requirements as to the form and content of the correct complaint application. A very important element is submitting the application in accordance with the procedure and attaching to it all the required documents. A complaint application is a document confirming the occurrence of the complainted incident and a proof in the complaint service process. Very often, courier companies have their own forms to file a complaint. Details of the complaint procedure should be described in detail in each Courier Company Regulations or on their websites.

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A complaint may be rejected if it is not submitted according with the proper procedure and within a reasonable time from the execution of the order or if the application is incomplete.

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A properly packed shipment is one that has secured items inside the shipment; it is packed in a hard cardboard box or other rigid packaging; has the address label received from the courier company, a legibly printed and glued as well as special markings e.g. Caution Glass or Top / Bottom.

Pack items so that they will not be damaged in transport, will not cause damage to other shipments and will not hinder the work of couriers.

The most important rules for packing shipments with ordinary items:

  • Use a stiff cardboard box with intact flaps. Please note that even minor damage to the box may cause more damage to the packaging during transport.
  • Remove all labels, hazardous materials and other shipping marks from the box that are no longer applicable. This is necessary because too many labels on the box may mislead the courier who will transport the package.
  • Each item in the shipment must be secured separately and immobilized using appropriate filling material inside the shipment (eg bubble wrap, styrofoam elements or molded paper).
  • To wrap the box use a strong wide tape, preferably specially designed to secure shipments (so-called packing tape). Do not use strings or wrapping paper. This type of protection is very unstable and quickly deteriorates during transport. It should also not wrap the box with foil, rubber or stretch film, which prevents the parcel from slipping down automatically in automatic sorting rooms.
  • Use only the address label received after placing the Order. Most often, it is sent in an e-mail informing about the acceptance of your Order for execution. The label must be legibly printed and affixed to the package. Mark the package with relevant information for the courier (eg Caution glass, Caution).
  • Copy the waybill and place inside the package (Envio24 suggestion).

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Pallet shipments are not ordinary packages because they have to meet specific requirements. First of all, the pallet shipment, as the name suggests, should have been placed on a pallet, and only on the type of pallet that is available at the time of placing the order.

The most important rules for packing pallets:

  • Packages should not protrude beyond the outline of the pallet. However, if this happens, the User will be charged additional costs for the non-standard shipment.
  • Keep the rigid construction on the pallet. The content of the pallet should first of all be attached to it and should not have any possibility of slipping off the pallet or shifting. To do this, use protective straps or stretch.
  • If the shipment consists of several elements, they should be sorted into the so-called a brick, which prevents the parcels from falling apart. Stacked packages should be tightly wrapped with a stretch to create a concise structure. Items with less weight should be placed on top.
  • Vertical edges should be stiffened with thick cardboard. Special corners can be purchased for this purpose, which should then be attached with a stretch to the rest of the construction.
  • Finally, it is good to protect from the top the entire content of the pallet with film, which protects against moisture and dirt.

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Irregular shipments are shipments that are unusual in shape (eg round or irregular shapes, protruding elements) or packaging method (metal box, wooden box, cardboard wrapped with a stretch). Each of the Courier Companies determines individually what is consider as a non-standard shipment.

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Shipment can not contains dangerous articles or items covered by the transport ban on the basis of international agreements or excluded from carriage by individual Courier Companies, based on their internal regulations.

The user is obliged to be familiarized with the list of items excluded from carriage by individual Courier Companies, available on the company's website. In this way, additional charges or non-fulfillment of the Order will be avoided. You can find detailed information about items excluded from transport HERE.

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The COD service consists in collecting from the recipient, at the time of delivery, a pre-determined amount, which is usually the payment for the item delivered in the shipment (so-called COD Shipment). The payment of this amount is a delivery term for recipient. The COD service is only available for domestic shipments. Envio24 mediates and proctor money transfer from Courier Company to the User.

All courier companies, after receiving the amount from the recipient, transfer it to the Envio24 bank account and from there the amount is transferred to the User's bank account. The whole procedure, from the moment of receiving the amount from the recipient to the moment of sending them by transfer to the User's account, takes no more than 72 hours and Envio24 does not charge any additional fees.

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No. The law does not allow the content verification before confirmation of receipt of items. In the case of COD Shipments, collection of the shipment is possible after payment during the delivery moment. The Courier Company is responsible for the condition of the items during transport and their damage can be a subject to a complaint procedure. The Courier Company is not responsible for the compliance of the delivered items with the order placed by the recipient, for example in the online store.

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Each of the Courier Companies determines individually the maximum amounts of the COD service. You should read about them on the Courier Companies' websites before submitting the Order or in the service descriptions on our website.

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For both domestic and international shipments, we offer only door-to-door (D2D) services where the courier personally pick up shipment from the sender and delivers it to the recipient's door.

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The parcel will be automatically returned to the sender without issuing additional dispositions, e.g. in the case of lack of delivery (wrong address), after all fail attempts of delivery, refusal to accept the shipment by the recipient or lack of prepared COD amount. Then, the Courier Company will automatically charge a fee, which will be shown in the balance of the User's Prepaid account. The return shipment is transported to the address from which was sent.

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If the shipment has been lost in transit or the shipment status has not been updated for a long time and the delivery date has been exceeded, the Courier Company should be notify about this via the contact form on their website. After an effectively reported problem, the Courier Company will start looking for a shipment. Usually, the waiting time for reaction is a few days from the notification. If the shipment can not be found during next few days, you should file an official complaint.

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